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Moving Cleaning

Make Moving Easy, Hire Professional Cleaners

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, you’re making a big life change and should be looking ahead to a new chapter. Let us erase your stress and take care of all the cleaning details needed during the move.

A job well done, no supervision required.

Clean & Ready for Inspection

While you’re busy organizing your clutter and dealing with the movers we’ll clean everything quickly and efficiently. There’s no time to look back or worry about the new tenants. Our expert cleaners know exactly what to do and require no supervision to perform an outstanding job.

Move In Cleaning

Moving in can feel like just as much work as moving out! Before you unpack and begin nesting in your new home, you want to be sure everything is properly deep cleaned and disinfected. It’s no good to put away dishes in dirty kitchen cabinets or books on dusty shelves! We use the same thorough 65-step process for move-in that we do for move-out. Start a new chapter in your life feeling safe and clean in your new home!

Move Out Cleaning

You’re busy dealing with clutter and movers, you just want to be out! What can you expect during the move-out cleaning service? Our cleaning team will arrive promptly on time. Our friendly cleaners are always identifiable by their staff uniform. Cleaners bring all the necessary cleaning products and equipment. Take the stress out of moving. Hire Capella Cleaning and your house will be ready for inspection!

10 point disinfection checklist

Light switches


Cabinet Handles




Appliance Handles

Toilet Handles

Toilet Seats

Stair Railing

Highlights from our 65-point moving cleaning checklist:


Refrigerator – clean inside/outside/top

Move refrigerator, clean behind

Stove – clean inside/outside

Clean stove hood

Microwave – clean outside/inside

Dishwasher – clean outside/inside

Clean and disinfect countertops and backsplash

Clean/disinfect/polish sinks and faucets

Cabinets – clean outside/inside

Clean door, spot clean walls

Empty trash/wastebaskets

Dust ceiling corners

Hand wipe baseboards

Vacuum or hand wipe vent grills

Sweep/vacuum floor corners and edges

Sweep/vacuum floor

Vacuum floor rugs

Damp-mop hard floor

Hand wipe light fixtures/disinfect switches

Clean window sills and tracks

Dust blinds


Clean shower doors and remove hard water spots

Clean mirrors

Clean and disinfect floor

Clean and disinfect toilets

Clean and disinfect countertops

Clean/disinfect/polish sinks and faucets

Clean exterior/interior of vanities

Vacuum/hand wipe vent grills

Hand wipe baseboards

Handwipe door, doorknobs

Dust ceiling corners

Clean and disinfect towel bars

Damp-mop floors

Empty trash/wastebaskets

Clean window sills and tracks

Dust blinds

Thoroughly hand dust all horizontal surfaces

Hand wipe light fixtures inside/out and disinfect switches

Clean and disinfect shower and tubs, remove soil and rings


Hand wipe all horizontal surfaces

Dust ceiling corners

Vacuum carpet/rugs

Vacuum/dust mop/damp mop hard floors

Clean mirrors

Hand clean ceiling fans

Hand wipe grill vents

Hand wipe light fixtures inside/out and disinfect switches

Hand wipe baseboards

Clean window sills and tracks

Dust blinds

Hand wipe doors and spot clean walls


Hand wiped all horizontal surfaces

Dust ceiling corners and vents

Hand clean light fixtures and disinfect switches

Hand wipe baseboards

Wipe down outside of washer/dryer

Move washer/dryer clean underneath and behind

Vacuum and damp mop hard floors

Vacuum area rugs

Empty trash/wastebaskets

Clean window sills and tracks

Dust blinds

Wipe down countertops, shelving, and bins

Wipe down laundry sink/faucet