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One Time Cleaning

Caring For All Your One-time
Cleaning Needs

Even homeowners who love to clean need a hand from the professionals sometimes! When you are in charge of organizing a big event to hold at your home or preparing to host family for a special occasion, your time and attention are devoted to more important things and there’s no time left over for cleaning.

Focus on your upcoming event, let us take care of the cleaning!

One-time professional cleaning is ideal for the following:

  • Preparing and organizing your home for family gatherings
  • Hosting and impressing your visiting out of town relatives
  • Seasonal cleaning to make your home spotless for holiday parties
  • Welcoming a new baby home to a safe and clean space
  • Hosting a celebration such a baby shower or wedding shower
  • Hosting a birthday or graduation party

Spotless Professional Cleaning For Your Special Occasion

We will clean your home and prepare it for your special occasion with Attitude cleaning products, rated grade A by Environmental Working Group (EWG). These eco-friendly products are safe for children and pets, so you can relax and feel confident that all your guests will enjoy your healthy and clean space!

We offer two packages for one-time cleaning and both will make your house look outstanding! Choose from:

  • Standard Cleaning: Cost-effective dust cleaning that is ideal for quick cleanups. Covers all main areas of the home, from baseboards to ceiling fans, following a 28-point checklist.
  • Deep Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces on the 28-point checklist, complete with hand wiping to sanitize your space. Plus, cleaning of neglected places like the fridge, oven, and interior windows!

We Clean


1. Light Fixtures, blinds
2. Tubs, Showers, toilet
3. Mirror and Vanity
4. Sink and Faucet
5. Baseboards and Doors
6. Empty trash
7. Floors


1. Cabinets fronts
2. Countertops, light fixtures, blinds
3. Stovetop and hood
4. Refrigerator, dishwasher fronts
5. Microwave inside and out
6. Sink, faucet, backsplash
7. Floors


1. Dust ceiling corners, light fixtures
2. Dust all furniture
3. Clean mirrors
4. Dust blinds, window sills
5. Make beds ( 2 sets of sheets)
6. Dust baseboards, spot clean doors
7. Floors

Living Areas

1. Ceiling corners, light fixtures
2. Dust baseboards,
3. Spot clean doors
4. Dust all furniture
5. Wall décor and knickknacks
6. Vacuum upholstered furniture
7. Floors

Point Checklist for One-time Standard Cleaning Perfection:

Ceiling Corners

Ceiling Fans

Light Fixtures

Dust Blinds

Dust Window Sills

Dust Baseboards. Spot Clean Doors

Dust All Furniture

Dust All Wall Decorations

Vacuum Upholstered Sofas

Making Beds (Two Pairs Only)

Sweep & Mop Floors

Bathtub Clean

Shower Clean

Toilet Clean

Sink Clean

Bathroom Cabinets Clean (Exterior Only)

Bathrooms Baseboards Clean

Bathrooms Door Spot Clean

Glass Sliding Door Clean

Empty Trash Cans

Clean All Surfaces in the Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances Clean & Polish

Microwave Inside & Out




Spot Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Floors

The main difference between the two packages is the process. Standard cleaning involves dusting of all surfaces, while deep cleaning is hand wiping of surfaces like doors, ceiling fans, baseboards. In addition, the fridge, oven, and interior windows are cleaned as a part of the one-time deep cleaning package.

When do you need a one-time deep clean package? Deep cleaning is ideal when:

You are unable to clean your house for more than a month’s time

You have two or more pets and are busy with work obligations

You have an upcoming party and need a clean oven and fridge for safely cooking and storing food

Your property has been empty for more than a month’s time

Our checklist for One-time deep cleaning includes everything in Standard Cleaning PLUS:

Fridge Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Outside Only

Interior Window Cleaning

Hand Wipe Baseboards

Hand Wipe Ceiling Fans (if we can reach with two-step ladder)

Hand Wipe All Doors & Window Sills

Deep cleaning is a lengthy process that involves more steps, tasks, and attention to detail. Although it is more expensive, one-time deep cleaning will restore your home to a level of clean that requires only minimal everyday maintenance. It is a thorough cleaning at the highest standard that will last you a long time!